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Create Copy protected CD


"Inside the MediaMax ProspectusMake Your Own Copy-Protected CD with Passive Protection
Thursday December 15, 2005 by J. Alex Halderman
Here’s a great gift idea just in time for the holidays: Make your friends and relatives their very own copy-protected CDs using the same industrial-grade passive protection technology built into XCP and Macrovision discs.

Passive protection exploits subtle differences between the way computers read CDs and the way ordinary CD players do. By changing the layout of data on the CD, it’s sometimes possible to confuse computers without affecting ordinary players — or so the theory goes. In practice, the distinction between computers and CD players is less precise. Older generations of CD copy protection, which relied entirely on passive protection, proved easy to copy in some computers and impossible to play on some CD players. For these reasons, copy protection vendors now use active protection — special software designed to block copying.

Discs with XCP or Macrovision protection employ active protection in conjunction with a milder form of passive protection. You can create your own CD with exactly the same passive protection by following a straightforward five-step procedure. I’ll describe the procedure here, and then explain why it works.

What you’ll need:

A computer running a recent version of Windows (instructions are Windows-specific; perhaps someone will write instructions for MacOS or Linux)
Nero, a popular CD burning application
CloneCD, an advanced disc duplication utility
Two blank recordable CDs "

Make Your Own Copy-Protected CD with Passive Protection

Easy no ?

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Il en existe beaucoup qui sont sérieuses et qui te permettront d’acheter des cryptomonnaies en toute sécurité, d’investir et faire du trading si tu le souhaites.

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