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Msn Encarta, my love…

Microsoft has just launched a new service for MSN…
« Encarta Urgent Answers » is bot with artificial intelligence as Alice which will answer to all your questions.
When you asked to it a question, it answers it and rather well I must say:

*Korben dit : who are you ?
*Encarta® Instant Answers dit : I'm Encarta® Instant Answers. I'm a smart computer that can bring you Encarta answers directly in this IM window.

You can ask him questions like:
* What is the size of South Korea?
* When was Abraham Lincoln born?
* How many calories are there in an orange?
* Solve 2*1023
* …etc

Encarta Urgent Answers will also propose a direct link to Encarta, with photos, maps and web pages… and if you want some even more, you can subscribe to the Microsoft’s encyclopaedia (in line).

And when I said to it:

Korben dit : Marry me !

it proposed to me to go to Las Vegas 🙂

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How to play with this new tools of Microsoft? It is very simple, you have just to add this contact [email protected] to your MSN contact list.
Do not hesitate to let me your impressions on my website !!

Have fun !

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