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Korben, roi d’internet, logo bébé avec des lunettes en mode thug life

Ciao, Ho effettuato questa mattina un aggiornamento di Spip 1.7.2 vers 1.8.1. Dopo qualche piccola sistemazione sono tutti OK. Ma se percaso, voi riscontrate degli errori, segnalatemeli per mail
Ho aggiornato a spip 1.8.1. Se trovi degli errori, per favore contattami

Il mio software RockXP è stato presentato sul Channel TechTV (U.S. Channel). per info clicca qui

Clicca qui per scaricare il DivX of TechTV

Astalavista Security Group ha una lista di prodotti top freeware divisa in varie categorie : Anti Virus-Tools, Firewall e Password Crackers… ma il più interessante è quello su questa top ten 🙂 Free Image Hosting at RockXP 4.0 sarà presto sul web ma per il momento…è confidenziale 🙂

"How many of you know that the house chores are not done and there’s some work left to do, but inexplicably you remain glued in front of the TV set watching your favorite serial or zapping aliens on the latest console? "

"The $99.95 PlayLimit is just the thing for you (and your kids). Parents can give tokens that amount to a specific amount of time to their kids in order to teach that life’s more than sitting in front of the idiot box. A great tool to govern the family’s TV habits."


« Portable Apps Suite allows you to carry all your standard applications on a USB thumbdrive, iPod, portable hard drive or any other portable media. It contains a portable web browser, email client, web editor, office suite, word processor, calendar/scheduler, instant messaging client and FTP client… all in one package, all preconfigured to work portably and be easy to back up. Just unzip it and you’re ready to go. You can then plug your portable device right into any Windows computer and use all of the applications just like you would on your own computer. »

« I loooove Sushis & Maaaakiiiiiis »

It has in-built:

-Portable Firefox (web browser)
-Portable Thunderbird (email client)
-Portable (office suite)
-Portable AbiWord (word processor)
-Portable NVU (web editor)
-Portable Sunbird (calendar & task list)
-Portable FileZilla (FTP client)
-Portable Gaim (instant messenger)

The suite fit on a 256Mb USB Pen drive. All the portable appz will be there. Antivirus, Operating Systems, all portable ! Check the applications list.

More info on:

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