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Portable Apps Suite (Your computer everywhere !)

« Portable Apps Suite allows you to carry all your standard applications on a USB thumbdrive, iPod, portable hard drive or any other portable media. It contains a portable web browser, email client, web editor, office suite, word processor, calendar/scheduler, instant messaging client and FTP client… all in one package, all preconfigured to work portably and be easy to back up. Just unzip it and you’re ready to go. You can then plug your portable device right into any Windows computer and use all of the applications just like you would on your own computer. »

« I loooove Sushis & Maaaakiiiiiis »

It has in-built:

-Portable Firefox (web browser)
-Portable Thunderbird (email client)
-Portable OpenOffice.org (office suite)
-Portable AbiWord (word processor)
-Portable NVU (web editor)
-Portable Sunbird (calendar & task list)
-Portable FileZilla (FTP client)
-Portable Gaim (instant messenger)

The suite fit on a 256Mb USB Pen drive. All the portable appz will be there. Antivirus, Operating Systems, all portable ! Check the applications list.

More info on:

Sabrent Station d’Accueil USB 3.0 vers SATA I/II/III

2 emplacements pour SSD et disques durs de 2,5 ou 3,5 Pouces, avec Fonction clonage

Compatible avec les SSD et disques durs standards SATA de 2,5 et 3,5 pouces.
Compatible avec les disques durs d’une capacité allant jusqu’à 10TB.
Plug and play, aucun driver requis.
Permet le clonage hors ligne jusqu’à 60Mbps.
Vitesse de transfert jusqu’à 5Gbps (USB 3.0), 480Mbps (USB 2.0), 12Mbps (USB 1.0).

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