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Sortie de (IN)Secure Magazine N°15

C’est aujourd’hui qu’est sorti ce 15ème numéro du magazine gratuit consacré à la sécurité informatique : (IN)Secure

Au sommaire (en anglais) de ce magazine PDF :

  * Proactive analysis of malware genes holds the key to network security
* Advanced social engineering and human exploitation
* Free visualization tools for security analysis and network monitoring
* Internet terrorist: does such a thing really exist?
* Weaknesses and protection of your wireless network
* Fraud mitigation and biometrics following Sarbanes-Oxley
* Application security matters: deploying enterprise software securely
* The insider threat: hype vs. reality
* How B2B gateways affect corporate information security
* Reputation attacks, a little known Internet threat
* Data protection and identity management
* The good, the bad and the ugly of protecting data in a retail environment
* Malware experts speak: F-Secure, Sophos, Trend Micro

Le dernier opus et les précédents sont disponibles à cette adresse.

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