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RedStar 3.0 – Test à l’arrache de la distrib Nord Coréenne

Plus qu’un test tardif et arrosé, un véritable tuto d’installation complet et TRÈS sérieux de Red Star 3.0, l’OS officiel de Corée du Nord dans sa version Serveur. Si vous parlez coréen, vous pouvez passer votre tour. Par contre, si cette langue est un mystère pour vous, je suis sûr que cette modeste vidéo vous sera très utile ! En tout cas, j’espère que ça vous plaira !

Et pour la télécharger :

_________________    ________/  ____________  ______________
|       | _____ |slip|   |       /      |  |__| __ |       |
|   ____| |___| |____|   |      /|    __|  ___|    |   ____|
|   |  |   _____|  ____  | /     |__    |  |__| / |   |
|   |  |        | /___/  |/__    _      |     | / |   |
|___|  |________|________|     / |______|_____|_/_|___|

Red Star OS 3.0 Server x86 *cracked*

Sure, there's probably an easier way but i'm lazy and can't be bothered to recreate the iso in a linux vm.
So.. you need to burn boot.iso and rss3_32_key_gui_20131212.iso
Insert the boot cd (or mount it in your VM) and boot from it, when you get to the blue install screen swap media to rss3_32_key_gui_20131212

This first screen asks for a serial, but it accepts any serial (even a blank one) if you boot from boot.iso, which has 12 bytes nopped out in /sbin/loader of initrd. It'd be appreciated if some reverser more skilled than me can take a look at the serial algorithm and code a keygen. I believe the algo is located at 0x806A820.

Don't ask me how I got this. Also don't ask me why the redstar guys added serial protection since redstar 2.x.
There exists an x64 version of this, but I don't have that, just the x86 version.
I also do not have the desktop version, just the server version, but since this is the first ever leak of Red Star OS Server, and the first ever leak of redstar 3.0, why aren't you thanking me already?!


~ slipstream
PS: umad DPRK?
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Alors, qui se lance pour héberger son site sur cette distrib ?


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