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Sp2 TCPIP Patcher

If you receive this message:
« EventID 4226
TCP/IP has reached the security limit imposed on the number of concurrent TCP connect attempts

No panic !!
The new XP SP2 limit the number of TCP/IP connections to 10 !
The idea of MS is to reduce the spreading of worms and other harmful programs. But 10 half-open connections is a little bit too less. With a higher (e.G. 25-100) number of waiting for connection connections the benefit would be almost the same, but less normal users would feel disturbed by this.
I developped a GUI for the patch of Lv|Lord. Easier to use ! The English is available !!

Téléchargement / Download :

-> Sp2TcpIPatch FR (Lien HTTP) (lien cassé)
-> Sp2TcpIPatch FR (Lien Bittorrent) (lien cassé)
-> Sp2TcpIPatch FR (Lien ed2k) (lien cassé)

-> Sp2TcpIPatch US (HTTP Link) (lien cassé)
-> Sp2TcpIPatch US (Bittorrent Link) (lien cassé)
-> Sp2TcpIPatch US (ed2k Link) (lien cassé)

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